At Wealth Management Matters we're different.

Your goals are our goals.

Your sucess is our success.

Our Solutions

We provide wealth management integration solutions for accountants and financial planning businesses. These include…

At Wealth Management Matters, our goal is to help you reach your potential, whether you are just getting started, building your wealth, preparing for retirement or enjoying life after work.

You want to buy your dream home, expand your family and grow your wealth.
It’s time to pay down debt, protect your wealth and grow your assets.
You want to be confident that you will have enough money to enjoy life after work.
You would like to leave a legacy for your kids and ensure you don’t run out of money.

Integrated client management and marketing

You worked hard to build up your client base, and it is the lifeblood of your business. We can help you maintain those clients with highly efficient client management systems and processes that simplify and streamline tracking and managing of client data. We can also help you to grow your business and gain new clients through our effective and tailored marketing services.

Platform Solutions

Our platform solutions allow your business to quickly and easily implement, run and manage processes without the need to build or maintain the associated infrastructure. Our solutions are tried and tested, and require minimal time and effort. We like to call them ‘plug and play’ solutions – they are designed specifically for the needs of your business and can grow and change as you do.

Practice and business management

We provide solutions across every aspect of your business. Our expert team works with you to assess your current position, identify your short and long term goals, and discuss your present strategy to ensure you have the tools, people, structure and processes to deliver the best possible outcome for your clients – along with the best possible strategy for growth, security and compliance.

Best practice advice processes

We understand the importance of regulatory compliance, and we also understand that your employees need to make the most of their time. Our best practice advice processes not only ensure industry-compliant solutions and methods, they also reduce the administration load on your staff, leaving them with more time to actually do business.

Research and tailored portfolios

We provide detailed, up-to-date and highly accurate market, product and service research to help you to make the best choices for your clients at every level, and our tailored portfolios provide targeted, client-specific plans to ensure you have the objective information you need to make informed choices.

Self Licensed Services

If at the end of the day you love all that WMM has to offer but want your own AFSL we can help you with that also. We can work with you to assist you to establish and run your own AFSL and still have access to the solutions that WMM provides. This still allows your practice to be part of our collaborative community of Integrated Wealth Management businesses.

Member Firms

Wealth Management Matters work with partner firms to provide much more than wealth management integration for accountants and financial planners.


WCA Wealth Management

WCA Wealth Management understands it is highly important that your financial planner should be someone you are comfortable with; someone who knows you and understands how your needs change over the years, and someone you can trust to help you achieve and work towards your financial goals.


McConachie Stedman

Established in 1948, McConachie Stedman is the largest locally owned accounting firm on the Darling Downs and Granite Belt. For over 70 years, our experienced team have been providing services throughout Australia in Toowoomba, Brisbane, Crows Nest, St George and Melbourne ranging from accounting and taxation, business advisory, bookkeeping, financial planning, audit and assurance, self-managed superannuation and human resources.

At Key Wealth Management we aim to develop a lifelong relationship with you. It all starts with taking the time to get to know you. We understand your uniquely different wants and needs. That's why our experienced Financial Advisers take the time to work with you to discuss the options and investment strategies that will best meet your needs. You will be working with a professional who puts your interests first and is committed to a code of ethics and professional conduct, so you can rest assured that they’ll do the right thing by you.

Stress less. Take Control. Plan Ahead.

We make the complex simple.

About Wealth Management Matters

Wealth Management Matters was founded in 2016 by a passionate group of Chartered Accountants who were frustrated by not being able to deliver timely and tailored solutions that were client-focused.

Wealth Management Matters offers their partner firms a collaborative and professional partnership in which they are privileged to be part of their clients’ journey; and are provided with the tools to effectively direct and lead their clients towards their desired outcomes.

Wealth Management Matters is all about supporting likeminded integrated wealth management businesses, and our goal is to ensure our partner firms have all the tools and support they need to focus on helping clients achieve their financial goals and objectives.

Wealth Management Matters partner firms are committed to the success of the group as a whole, and are freely able to share and collaborate for the mutual benefit of all.

We believe that being privately owned is critical to our success, allowing us to choose the best outcome for our partner firms and their clients.

At Wealth Management Matters, our goal is to support, guide and grow partner firms, providing both invaluable support and a wide-reaching network – which in turn allows our partner firms to effectively meet the needs of their clients.

What our clients and partners say about working with Wealth Management Matters…


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James McCowan

Director & General Manager

James joined Wealth Management Matters in October 2016. 

James learnt very early in his career that if he was not seeing clients, he should get out of the way and help those who do!

He is passionate about working with like-minded integrated wealth management businesses to ensure they have the appropriate vision, structure, process and people to deliver goals, objectives and outcomes for clients.

James manages all aspects of the Australian Financial Services Licence, so Wealth Management Matters partner firms and advisers are free to focus on delivering what matters to their clients.

Tony Bazzana

Principal – WCA Wealth Management

Tony is a Chartered Accountant and Financial Planner and has been with WCA since 1995. 

As an integral part of the Wealth Management team, Tony’s priority is to help his clients work towards their financial goals. He assists them with goal setting and creating tangible financial wealth management plans.

Walking alongside his clients, Tony assists them throughout times of change to ensure they remain on course to achieving their financial aspirations, whatever they may be.

Tony’s practical and passionate client-centric approach is strategically invaluable to Wealth Management Matters.

Steven Trustum

WCA Managing Partner

Steven has been with WCA since 1994 and is highly experienced in Audit, Taxation and Business Services, with a special interest in Superannuation, including SMSF and small APRA funds. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, a Registered Company Auditor, and Justice of the Peace. Steven is a qualified Financial Adviser and holds a Diploma of Financial Planning.

He provides extensive knowledge to companies, trusts, partnerships, and individuals. Advising on appropriate business structures, business valuations, tax consolidated groups, and asset protection measures. Also conducting large corporate audits and restructuring to maximise taxation opportunities.

Steve works very closely with James in all aspects of Wealth Management Matters.

Jane Brown

Head Accountant

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